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This is not just another conference.

ASA is Australia's largest, independent, not-for-profit individual investor association for shareholders and investors across Australia, connecting you with distinguished financial experts and renowned industry leaders.


Like no other time in history, COVID-19 has changed everything. 

Shifts beyond our control are happening before our very eyes. Major trends affecting every area of our life and every industry are silently unfolding. From the way we eat, travel, work, interact, communicate, socialise, consume, buy and more...we are moving into unchartered territory.

As the world gets thrown into chaos and we face an impending global depression, who is seeing clearly? If there was ever a time investors are seeking answers and certainty, it is now.


It is unlikely that things will go back to how they used to be, and with this realisation comes many questions. Will working from home be the new norm? Will university and schooling move online? Will shopping for clothes mean paying for them over four weeks online?



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Session 1
Bernard Salt
MD, The Demographics Group

10:00 - 10:45

Opening Address 

  • Bernard Salt AM - leading media commentator, presenter, author, columnist, futurist and business advisor

Session 2
Andrew Goodsall & Chris Kallos
MST Marquee

11:00 - 11:45

Investing in the future of healthcare

  • More patients & care model innovation 

  • More technology 

  • More information and digitalisation

  • More innovation 

  • Rising costs  

Times in AEDT Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney



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"I always regard the ASA Investor Conference as my "Bible" for investing. Inspirational, educational, wonderful social networking. Great value for money!"

Kerrie Bible


Frequently asked questions

How do I access the digital conference?

You will receive an email from Australian Shareholders' Association with the details, instructions and link you need.

Where can I find the agenda?

Please scroll up to see the full agenda. More details are still being added so watch this space

What if I can't make all 12 sessions?

You will have access for 1 year to watch all 12 sessions in our online library at your leisure and convenience

What makes this a must-attend conference?

This conference was built especially for you during this time. We put together a program featuring some of the best speakers and experts in their field. The theme is investing in the future. This means that while we were going through inevitable changes pre-COVID, COVID-19 accelerated these like never before. And as a result, the economic landsape, the way we do business and the way we live will never be the same again - however, in a very short period of time - and that means it is imminent. Once COVID-19 and the looming depression visits us and leaves a wake in its path, investors will be hit with major changes - some who did not see it coming and others that wished that hey been prepared - for both the challenges and the epic opportunities that opened up as a result. Changes like this only happen once a lifetime - and we are on the cusp of an epic change affecting every industry, as we are propelled into the future, whether we like it or not. This conference is about cutting through the noise, seeing past all the 'COVID investment tips' and seeing more deeply into what is really going on and where we will land when the COVID landscape clears. It is not a conference for those seeking get rich quick tips - it is more than that. It is a conference to encourage investors to spot the real long term opportunities about to surface, and understanding where the real sustainable future lies.

What if I can’t log on during the virtual conference, what do I do?

Call Mary on 1300 368 448 or 02 9252 4244

What if I can’t hear the speaker during the conference, what should I do?

Check your computer’s sound settings.

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